The most important accolade that any company can hold is to be approved by a National or International body.

These approvals are considered a sign of continued Quality & Service that assures our customers of the highest standards when delivering your projects.

Phoenix Aerospace is proud to hold an extensive portfolio of approvals that has taken years to achieve. Holding the three key EASA Approvals allows us to deliver the Total Solution from Concept to Completion:

  • EASA 21J For Design
  • EASA 21G For Manufacture
  • EASA Part 145 For Installation and Maintenance

These EASA Approvals are almost unequivocally accepted worldwide, but in many cases, provide the basis for other approvals to be granted from Non-EU countries and National Aviation Authorities.

It is this foundation that has allowed Phoenix Aerospace to work with some of the most forefront Aerospace Companies in the world, some of our clients include:

  • Airbus Helicopters
  • Leonardo Helicopters
  • Babcock
  • Honeywell
  • UK MoD
  • UK National Police Service
  • Other Government Organisations
  • International Military Organisations


We recognise that each client is unique and may have sensitive information that needs to be protected. We hold all client data and information in complete confidence, protected by the strictest of processes and procedures.

Our certifications:

EASA.Part.21J.0158 = EASA Part 21J (Design)

Uk.21G.2681 = EASA Part 21G (Production)

UK.145.01068 = EASA Part 145 (Maintenance)

AI-9960-13 = A8-23 (Maintenance)

AI-2074-13 = A8-21 (Design)

ISO 9001-2015 FS 580976 Expires 06-02-2021

For additional information or enquiries please contact us here or call on Crawley 01293 540597 or Stapleford 01708 687469.